Trade & Investment

AmCham Guyana’s Trade & Invest Committee engages the government and international organizations on local & international policies relating to trade agreements and policies for development. The committee also engages stakeholders to discuss matters relating to trade and investment between Guyana and the United States and collaborates with the Events Committee to coordinate AmCham Guyana’s trade missions. Mr. Justin Nedd currently chairs the Trade & Investment Committee.


The focus of the chamber’s Membership Committee is to ensure that the Chamber maintains a strong and healthy membership base. The committee is responsible for spearheading the recruitment of new members as well as ensuring the retention of existing members. The Committee works collaboratively with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to approve new members for recruitment, review documents, and ensure that members are compliant and in good standing. Ms. Yolander Persaud chairs this Committee.

Events & Sponsorships

The Events & Sponsorships Committee is responsible for the planning and coordinating of events for AmCham Guyana. The committee liaises with the Finance Committee, the PR & Communications Committee, and within budgetary guidelines approved annually or as needed by the Executive Director, and the Board of Directors; to develop a work agenda and events schedule. The committee also works to coordinate fundraising and sponsorship activities for the Chamber and retain and solicit new sponsors. Ms. Saskia Wijngaarde chairs this Committee.


The Finance & Governance Committee plays a strategic part in the oversight and financial management of the Chamber. The Finance & Governance Committee is responsible for creating and presenting budgets, preparing financial reports, developing financial goals and targets, advising the Board of Directors, and Events & Sponsorship Committee, and ensuring the financial health of the organization. The Treasurer for the Chamber’s Finance Committee is Mr. Fitzroy Mcleod.

Governance & Advocacy

The Governance & Advocacy Committee considers matters pertaining to the business community and is directly responsible for identifying public policy and legislative issues relevant to its membership base. The Committee is responsible for evaluating, recommending and adopting strategic approaches to the advocacy of pertinent issues and advancing the Chamber’s position on legislative policy and/or regulatory issues that come before the state and/or federal government that have the potential to affect the needs and/or interest of AmCham Guyana. Mr. Clairmont Cummings chairs this Committee.

PR & Communications

The PR & Communications Committee oversees all public relations and communications efforts of the Chamber. The Committee is also charged with providing recommendations on press releases, public awareness campaigns and media interactions. The Committee is also responsible for reviewing content and ensuring consistency with the mission, goals, and values of the Chamber, as well as providing updates, and periodic reviews to the website. Ms. Iman Khan chairs the PR & Communications Committee.


The Security Committee is responsible for promoting dialogue and cooperation between the private sector, the Government, the Guyana Police Force, and the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) on matters relating to security. The committee is also charged with addressing and briefing the organizations on specific areas and concerns regarding security.


AmCham Guyana’s Petroleum Committee advocates for the responsible growth of Guyana’s oil and gas industry. The committee is responsible for advocating economic competitiveness as well as reviewing, deliberating, and critiquing legislation effecting Guyana’s oil and gas industry.