Energy Committees

The Sub Committee on Energy was established by a decision of the AMCHAM Board on September X, 2019.

The following are the principal tasks of the Sub-Committee:

  1. To keep track of key developments in the energy sector which will significantly impact the economic and social development of Guyana and the members of AMCHAM. Areas to be covered include renewable energy, energy efficiency and the oil and gas sector among others.
  2. To critically review policies, strategies, plans, legislation and initiatives and to make recommendations to the AMCHAM Board.
  3. To convene discussions and fora with key Government functionaries, consultants, investors, and organisations etc., on issues and proposed developments in the energy sector.
  4. To identify and develop positions on issues regarding energy which are important to AMCHAM and its members.
  5. To communicate to the AMCHAM Board and members information on significant developments in the energy sector.

The Sub-Committee shall meet monthly or as deemed necessary by the Chair. The Chair shall report monthly to the AMCHAM Board on the deliberation and activities of the Sub-Committee.