Message from the U.S. Ambassador

It is my pleasure to advocate for U.S. investment in Guyana, and to encourage U.S. businesses to partner with the American Chamber of Commerce of Guyana. In its short history since 2018, AMCHAM has grown very quickly to be one of the major private sector organizations in Guyana. It represents a variety of sectors, ranging from oil and gas to education, from business support to real estate. I encourage all
U.S. businesses considering investment in Guyana to make contact with AMCHAM. Opportunities in agribusiness, construction, IT, and energy sectors continue to attract the interest of U.S. companies in Guyana, and the U.S. Embassy is ready to assist, as a U.S. Department of Commerce partner post.

But certain challenges remain. Some U.S. businesses report lengthy timelines for permits, uncertain approval processes, and concerns about procurement procedures even when they follow the submission guidelines to the letter. Traditional barriers to growth like high energy costs, aging roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure require investment and modernization. If addressed properly, attention to these issues could unlock a new economic boom in manufacturing and value-addition in the agricultural sector.

AMCHAM is a vital link to advocating for these kinds of improvements. We look forward to continued collaboration toward a win-win for both U.S. businesses and a prosperous Guyana for all.