HSSE Committee

The sub-committee on health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) was established by the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce of Guyana on September __, 2020 for the purpose of supporting government agencies and private industry in their journey to raise HSSE culture and performance to international standards across all industries in Guyana.

Specific objectives of the sub-committee:

  1. Support the Ministry of Labor in efforts to protect workers by improving HSSE across all industries in Guyana, defined as:
    • Health: Occupational health of workers(Not general public health issues)
    • Safety: Workplace safety of employees and contractors
    • Security: Security of workers and workplaces – industrial security, enterprise security and risk management (Not public security)
    • Environment: Protection of the Guyanese environment from industrial contamination
  2. Understand regulations, track key developments, and develop positions on key issues in the defined areas which are important to AmCham and its members, and communicate these to the Board and members
  3. Critically review policies, strategies, plans, legislation, and initiatives as requested to make recommendations to appropriate members of the Ministry of Labour as advocates for AmCham membership
  4. Liaise with the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Private Sector Commission (PSC), and Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) on priorities and standards for HSSE
  5. Facilitate HSSE awareness among AmCham members and the Board
  6. Facilitate establishment of HSSE cultures and processes within Guyana’s operating businesses and current employees by sharing best practices from within Guyana and from external experience
  7. Convene discussions and fora with key government functionaries, consultants, investors, and private organizations to help promote a robust HSSE culture and share best practices from within and outside of Guyana
  8. Facilitate establishment of HSSE seminars/webinars and courses within Guyana’s academic community to build culture and capability in the technical vocational workforce and for professional development


The Sub-Committee will interface with all other AmCham Guyana sub-committees and with members of the government and private sector as appropriate. Specific interfaces to be coordinated on an ongoing basis:

  • Ministry of Labour
  • National Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health
  • AmCham Governance and Security Sub-committee
  • Trinidad and Tobago AmCham HSSE Sub-committee


The Sub-Committee shall meet monthly or as deemed necessary by the Chair.

  • Meetings will be virtual to allow broad participation by all members
  • The Chair will maintain the HSSE Committee Team Record to track meeting plans, actions, decisions, opportunities, and issues for the group

The Chair shall report monthly to the AMCHAM Board on the deliberations, activities, and deliverables of the Sub-Committee.

Designated members of the Committee will communicate to the broad AmCham membership on key findings, deliverables, and activities of the Sub-committee.

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