“Delivering the Energy Benefits_ Mixer with Featured Guest Hon. Prime Minister Brigadier (ret_d) Mark Phillips_

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AmCham Guyana’s Second Energy Mixer showcased Guyana’s energy sector growth and innovation. Held on September 7th at the Guyana Marriott Hotel, the event focused on “Delivering the Energy Benefits – the Transmission and Distribution System.”
Attendees included government officials, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, all invested in Guyana’s thriving energy sector. AmCham Guyana continues to drive innovation, partnership, and progress in the country’s emerging global energy market.

The event featured Hon. Prime Minister Mark Phillips as Guest Speaker and an insightful presentation by the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL). Prime Minister Phillips highlighted the Government’s support for GPL in overcoming infrastructure challenges and meeting growing electricity demands. The Q&A session addressed GPL’s grid management capacity and plans for a modernized control center.