Mr. Jon Rhodes

Company: Baker Hughes Guyana

Jon is a 32-year veteran Oil & Gas professional with Baker Hughes. He started
working in the industry offshore West Africa in the early ‘90s in Surface
Logging, before moving into Logging While Drilling and Directional Drilling in
the Middle East in the late ‘90s. He managed several projects in the Caspian
Sea region in the early 2000s before relocating to Dubai, where he served in
various senior leadership roles in Drilling Services across the Middle East and
Asia for the next decade based out of the UAE.

He moved to Houston in 2014, taking on several global sales and marketing
roles still in Drilling Services, before transferring to Anchorage, Alaska to run
the Baker Hughes business across product lines as Area Manager. In
November 2022, Jon once again relocated, to Guyana as resident Country
Director for Baker Hughes in Georgetown.