Payroll Software

by Techlify Inc

An evolution of Payroll & HRMS

Techlify is now digitizing Payroll & Human Resource Management to make your business operations easier.

With Techlify Payroll you can: manage all of your Employees’ information, Appraisals & Recruitment digitally. Save time by automatically generating reports and forms. Have access from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!

Why Techlify Payroll?


Companies using Techlify payroll usually create their payroll and all reports in less than 10 minutes.


Techlify payroll automatically generates all reporting inclusive of NIS, PAYE, Form 2A, 2B, 7B, etc. with the click of a button.

Feature Rich

Manage Advances, Deductions, Overtime, Absent, Trainings, Appraisals, Organizational Charts, Company Branches, etc.

Accessibility & Accountability

All actions taken in the payroll software are recorded via an audit trail. You can also access Techlify payroll from anywhere.

Easy To Use & Accessible from Anywhere.

Our app is very easy to use – it’s intuitive to even the most inexperienced computer users

How it works

Add Employees

When configuring the payroll, you need to enter your employee data once.

Record Updates

Any activities such as advances, overtimes are entered once per month.


Yes, that's it! You press a button and you're able to print your payroll, paysheets, NIS & PAYE forms!

The Numbers Don’t Lie

5 mins

That's all it takes for you to create and complete your own payroll!


Is what our average business with 12 employees saves monthly using Techlify payroll

8 hours

Is the amount of time you'll get back on a monthly basis for family and fun