AmCham Guyana's Young Entrepreneurs Program:
Creativity & Innovation

Presented by Ms. Kristy Fall

June 15th 2021 • 6:00PM

Tony Harris is reimagining and transforming the way we live and work through technology. Tony is an internationally recognized expert on the development of software and solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as well as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict outcomes and optimize these solutions. He is recognized for his pioneering work in AI in the Energy, Mining and Extractive Industries and for his innovations in securities trading.

Mr. Harris has been consulting and reshaping how companies run for over 30 years. As the President & CEO of both e-Magic Inc. and SmartWorX Capital Inc., Mr. Harris has worked iteratively on developing computer models and developing and implementing IoT and Digital Twin solutions for facilities, buildings and Industrial enterprises worldwide.

Tony is committed to making a difference in the community and in the lives of young people through philanthropy and mentorship.

Mr. Harris started his most recent engineering consulting and system integration firm, e-Magic in 1998. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company has expanded to multiple locations in Canada, the US, and India. While working on his productivity solutions, Tony developed an AI software, which allows recruits to trade securities (currency, commodities and index futures) successfully from anywhere in the world with only internet access, starting SmartWorX Capital Inc. in 2003.

Mr. Harris attended Queen’s University in Canada to receive a Bachelor’s degree in 1984 and went on to receive his Master’s degree in Engineering from Queen’s University in 1986. He is a 1979 Guyana Scholar and attended high school at Queens College of Guyana.

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