Benefits of being an Amcham member

Benefits of being an Amcham member

Why become an Amcham member?

Benefit No. 1

Advocacy-enables members who share common interests and challenges to collectively affect change and influence policy.

Benefit No. 2

Member Discounts- Amcham members can benefit from discounts from other amcham members when they use their services and products.

Benefit No. 3

Networking- through AmCham’s membership you get exposure to interacting with other AmCham members to exchange information therefore developing professional or social contacts.

Benefit No. 4

(a) Amcham Facilitates members with Govt Help, etc.
(b) represents members at governments

Benefit No. 5

Business Services-Amcham helps members to grow by promoting their business and providing a platform for networking.

Benefit No. 6

Workshops and Conferences- Annually AmCham hosts several events that tackle various topics and engage its members in discussions about issues that concern the business sector within Guyana and America.

Benefit No. 7

Amcham Events Discounts-receive discounts for all events that charges are attached to.

Benefit No. 8

Business Referrals- Amcham refers your business to various businesses across Guyana and the USA.

Benefit No. 9

Publicity & Marketing- our referrals help to market your business and grow your brand awareness across borders.